Where Did Love Poems and Quotes Come From

May 29, 2010 · Posted in About Love Poems 

When I had began writing love poems and love quotes all I did was try to figure out how did they come about because the whole idea of talking about love has grown and everyone has got a few lovely words to say so I decided to do a little research for my self. I’ve leaned that its a kind of literature art in the for of Latin which is one of the first languages ever known by man in the beginning of time. Love poems and quotes have traveled across many countries in the world stemming from the far west entering the inner seat of the states.

The mixture of rhythm and mixture of words had a positive startling outlook among literacy art that would later be more than a for of art and rather a form of intimacy in a mutual form between two individuals. When people begin talking about love poems and quotes people tend to think about old Italy and France because basically it has a long history in that area which created most of we know today. It has branched off into many directions and in different areas of the country. There are plenty of love poems and quotes that is developed in dozens of genres because people are realizing there talent and spending realistic rhymes within.

Love Poems & Love Quotes In Movies:

Try looking at a few methods out in the market today and you will understand how love poems and quotes have affected the minds of dozens of people’s lives and have recently emerged a significant amount of poets that has made a pathway for other future poets. One movie that I and many other individuals are familiar with is Titanic which was created by no other than the best known director James Cameron. Throughout the movie its filled with love scenes and love quotes that have movie viewers coming back for more. Living in movies gives you a accurate understanding how love poems and quotes are being made. You could mainly find this in dozens of love stories so go ahead and pinpoint those love quotes out.

Love In Your Own Personal Lifestyle:

Evolution is a process and as time passes people become a lot more wiser and creative especially in writing. You see, an individual does not necessary mean they write poetry about a love on it could actually be about there home computer or a certain item that they use mostly while at home or at work. Believe it or not some may see this as being wise or evolving into a different field of love however its the way you portray things in your mind and what matters to you the most. Some people are actually so fragile because of loneliness that that may even write love poems and love quotes for there animals. Then again these poets might not be fragile but actually super happy.

Love Poems & Love Quotes In Emotional Feelings:

So go ahead and tell me how you are feeling this instant. If someone comes out to be very upset then you may see them do something or repeat something very hateful. So how does this connect with love poems and love quotes at all? Simple, they may have been hurt by a significant other and needs to let it out in certain way. There is no way for me to explain this by words other than what I’m explaining however you may experience or have already. Emotions can also cause a person to be very happy and excited which is why someone would write love poems and quotes for there girlfriend or boyfriend so keep these in mind when you feel emotions taking you over. Use that energy to feed through a piece of paper and pen and start writing a poem about it to help you realize what has happened and what will not ever again if its that much negative.

Love Poems & Love Quotes In Relationships/Couples

This is where the cake began to sour just when you think its sweet and it all depends where your relationship takes place in your life. Love poems and love quotes starts right here when you are in a relationship with somebody that you love very much. Just like I said it wherever your relationship is how you are feeling things out. Sometimes you may be in a situation that you have a deepness of falling and not on the same level as your partner so you may write a love poems why you hate what they do but you are still in love with that person. Situations in couples vary so its kind of complicated to determine what another is feeling so if its written on a piece of paper then you can understand what that particular person is feeling inside.

In conclusion, if you have read most of what I’ve written on my big study on love poems and love quotes I thank you for reading this far. Love is still a mystery in the eyes of man because some of us are committed and some are not however through love poems and love quotes we let each other know how we really do feel inside and how that could never change when ink dries up it becomes symbolic.


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