Either Make Money Or Make A Million Dollars For Her

April 2, 2010 · Posted in Love Poems · 1 Comment 

“I Have So Much To Prove To You”
“And So Little Time”
“To Show You What I Can Do”
“So You Can Be Mine”

“Please Tell Me What You Need”
“Because In God I Believe”
“To Plant This Brand New Seed”
“I Must Make Money Indeed”

“The Closer We Get”
“The Worser I Feel”
“Love Is Growing Wild”
“And So Hard To Conceal”

“Stilletos Are One Way”
“Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Is Another”
“To Give You All I Can”
“Because I’m Your Friend And Lover”

“My Brother Told Me Of This”
“And It Has Surely Happened”
“That You Will Turn Your Back On Me”
“What Was Love Is Now Dampened”

“Ten Years Has Passed”
“I’ve Stepped Up My Game”
“What Was Tore Down And Broke”
“Is Now The Victim Of Fame”

“Although I’m Now Rich”
“I Still Feel The Same”
“These Wounds Will Never Be Stitched”
“Cry As I Watch The Falling Rain”

“Thee Walked Into My Room”
“Was The Last Thing I Expected”
“These Chains That Was So Different”
“Are Fitted Well And Connected”

“Courage flows through these veins”
“Facing You Makes Me Feel Insane”
“Closing My Eyes Hoping This Never End”
“Only If Time Could Easily Bend”

“My Heart Will Always Be Yours”
“And So will Be This Ring”
“I’ll Shine This Fortune Upon You”
“Because You’re My Everlasting Queen”

Written by: Jermaine Pleas
Copyright 2009