Cute love Poems

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Welcome back readers! I have decided to do something a little different. My cute love poems are just a bit little longer so for those who love to read poetry that is a lot more longer than the original short love poems that you see me writing is in for a treat. The structure on these are a whole lot different than what I usually do. So if you hate reading them long I will be writing more in the future, thanks for visiting friends.

1. My Beautiful Ruby
2. Your Constant Beauty
3. My Dearest May

Teenage Love Poems

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Look at yourself in the mirror and go back when things were very much simple, not to say that things aren’t right now just how it was when it seemed to be the way you wanted to be when you was a teenager. Teenager love poems are very direct because these are the times when teenagers are emotional. Even when you was a teenager you may have been writing to your love one. These were the simpler times, and awesomely fun. Anyhow, enjoy the teenage love poems.

1. I Can
2. The Movies
3. Blowing The Trumpet
4. Without You
5. Bad Timing