My Dearest May

April 2, 2010 · Posted in Love Poems 

“This Was Our Place Where We Lay”
“Our Home And Permanent Stay”
“The Mornings That We Made Love”
“On The Day Of Sunny May”

“Buried Beneath Our Covers”
“Drained From Our Best Friends At Bay”
“High Hopes For Becoming Lovers”
“On That Beautiful Lovely May”

“In Front Of A Tree Was Our First Kiss”
“All These Memories Will Be Missed”
“As Long As Our Child Will Be Okay”
“Forever Lasting Month Of May

“Clutched Hands At Sea”
“Wrapped Arms Around My Hands And Knees”
“Your Heart Beating Against Mine As We Pray”
“Breezy Sunset Day Of May”

“Our Children Get Older By Night”
“Years Fly By I Don’t Know Why”
“We Sit And Watch Our Grandchild Play”
“Sweet Smells Of Lovely May”


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