My Beautiful Ruby

Love Poems #6

“Digging Through Rough”
“Searching For Diamonds”
“One Caught My Eye”
“Sat The Others Beside Me”

“Took My Ruby Home”
“Shined Her Up Nicely”
“Shaped Up The Room”
“To Put Her In Kindly”

“People Offered A Price”
“But She’s Not For Sale”
“Brought Joy Into My Life”
“Anyone Can Tell”

“Kiss Her At Night”
“For Good Luck In The Morning”
“Reflects Light From The Sun”
“And Protects Me When It’s Storming”

“Look Somewhere Else”
“Because This Is Mine Truly”
“A Rare Find Indeed”
“Everlasting Beautiful Ruby”

Love Poems COPYRIGHT By, Jermaine Pleas

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