Make Money Writing Love Poems and Love Quotes

May 29, 2010 · Posted in About Love Poems 

Through the time I was in middle school and high school I had a small talent for writing love poems and quotes so what I did after class during lunch I would just jot down my most thoughtful rhymes that had been stuck on my mind through that whole day. I created so many that it filled up my whole composition book and it just continued from then on. One day a friend of mine had seen what I was doing and asked if I could write some for him so he could give it to his girlfriend and I agreed to do so. Immediately I had seen a true potential in this little venture that I began.

I had started selling off all of my love poems and quotes to the public in my school for those guys who were looking for material to pass on to there girlfriends. I did not feel bad about anything in what I was doing because I was providing a quality service for my friends and schoolmates to take advantage of. The idea of my poetry business is to offer individuals who were a little idealistic challenged in imagination to write some unique poetry. I charged $1.50 per love poems and quotes exclusively then later on public. Writing love poems and quotes for a business can be expanded and here is the way you can make money doing it if you have the talent for it if not then build a goo understanding of structuring and literacy.

A Gift Card Shop

You may have created dozens or possibly hundreds of love poems and quotes but if you want to put them to use and make some money you may want to get them seen in the public area. My suggestion is to try out a few card or gift card shops to see if any of them would be considering looking at what you have to sell in there gift card store. The fact that these love poems and quotes are uniquely handwritten by you they would literally be flopping at your side to sell what you have. Customized in your own words these little cards with your special love poems and quotes imprinted inside specially written for that one person that visits the gift card shop instantly can sell easily.

Sell Love Poems & Quotes at School

Just like I said before I use to sell poetry at school back in the day however this can be done at your college too if you have a tenacity of impressing the company of your fellow college mates. It isn’t hard at all because all you got to do is set up a billboard, fliers, or more describing how great in quality and content you love poems and quotes are. Incentives that are additional to the love poems that you are offering would be a good idea to keep in mind.

Find A Few Card Manufacturers

Are you thinking about setting up a gift card shop in your home town? If so then you need to think about how you will produce plenty of love poems and quotes gift cards to place in your shop. You may hand write all your poetry however you will need to reproduce them consistently. Depending on what side of town you are setting up your card business will determine how successful it would turn out. Malls are good place to setup shop because I diverse set of people pass through all the time so you can be putting yourself in a good position by doing so.


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