Living For Maria

Love Poems #7

“Its Hard Living Behind This Life Of Me”
“Put In Front Of Others To See”
“Enemies Merciless To Hear My Plea”
“Harsh Realities Crush Upon Thee”

“Tied A Noose Around My Ankles”
“With Anvil And Rocks To See Me Anchored”
“Part Away From This World Of Kind”
“My Wife And Child All Life Of Mine”

“Yes, You Took Me Away From Those I Treasure”
“Never Forsake The Corners Aren’t Measured”
“Through Spirit And Love I’m Here Forever”
“Remember As We Dance In Stormy Night Weather”

“Broke These Shackles That Held Me Tight”
“Swam To The Top, Put Up With A Fight”
“Heart Is Pounding Care Less About A Phone”
“Soaked And Wet Found My Way Home”

“Eyes Are Red And Body Temperature Sky High”
“Tore My Clothes Off Not Yet Dry”
“Inhaling This Moment From The Sight Of Her Tears”
“Exhaling From Relief Our Bond Overcame Fears”

“Hugs And Kisses I Will Never Cease”
“Caressed Her Face My Heart Is Now At Peace”
“Dreadful To Let Go Keeping You So So Near”
Maria, My Love, I’ll Always Be Here”

Love Poems COPYRIGHT By, Jermaine Pleas

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