Blowing The Trumpet

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“This Morning Is Great”
“I’m Not Going To School”
“I promised You Baby”
“My Only Golden Rule”

“I’m Blowing This Trumpet
“This Day Is For You”
“Celebrating Your Beauty”
“A Special Thing To Do”

Without You

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“Don’t Move A Muscle”
“Please Stay There”
“For You I Would Hustle”
“Take You Anywhere”

“Plans Are Coming Soon”
“School Will Be Over”
“A House I Will Get Us”
“And A Range Rover”

“Because Without You”
“There Is No Me”
“Blinded Me With Kindness”
“And Stung Me Like A Bee”

Bad Timing

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“I have A pen”
“And No Paper”
“My Timing Is Bad”
“I Can’t Do This Later”

“I’ll Use My Hand”
“I Want Her So”
“To Write Her Number Down”
“No One Needs To Know”

“She’s A Stallion”
“Really Beautiful girl”
“Sweet As Can Be”
“Like A Cinnamon Swirl”

Black Love Poems

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One Of my favorite categories to get into is creating black love poems because you can almost find anything to talk about due to the expansion, idea and tenacity of black love poems. If you are the type of person that is open minded enough to seek out different genres that is most intriguing to creation then you should give black love poems a try. I’m not expert when writing poetry everything comes from the inside and just the plain ‘ol enjoyment of getting things out, enjoy my friends.

1. Dark, Hot, Chocolate
2. The Park
3. Overdose
4. Thickness Of Love
5. Forever My Woman

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