Cute love Poems

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Welcome back readers! I have decided to do something a little different. My cute love poems are just a bit little longer so for those who love to read poetry that is a lot more longer than the original short love poems that you see me writing is in for a treat. The structure on these are a whole lot different than what I usually do. So if you hate reading them long I will be writing more in the future, thanks for visiting friends.

1. My Beautiful Ruby
2. Your Constant Beauty
3. My Dearest May

My Beautiful Ruby

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“Digging Through Rough”
“Searching For Diamonds”
“One Caught My Eye”
“Sat The Others Beside Me”

“Took My Ruby Home”
“Shined Her Up Nicely”
“Shaped Up The Room”
“To Put Her In Kindly”

“People Offered A Price”
“But She’s Not For Sale”
“Brought Joy Into My Life”
“Anyone Can Tell”

“Kiss Her At Night”
“For Good Luck In The Morning”
“Reflects Light From The Sun”
“And Protects Me When It’s Storming”

“Look Somewhere Else”
“Because This Is Mine Truly”
“A Rare Find Indeed”
“Everlasting Beautiful Ruby”

By Jermaine Pleas,

Your Constant Beauty

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“I Thought God Had Reached His Limit”
“But He Turned Around And Created You”
“The Beauty That You Carry Is Tremendous”
“And Held By A Chosen Few”

“I Tried To Put The Words Together“
“But Nothing Would Ever Fit“
“Like Tongue Tied Forever“
“So Nervous That I Couldn’t Even Sit“

“I Watched Your Every Step”
“Tread Upon Your Steady Move”
“Protected You Without You Even Knowing”
“I Am So Sorry If I Was Being Rude”

“Years Later I Am Still Here“
“The Fear Of Age Is Now More Clear”
“Wanting This To Never End“
“Only If Time Was Easy To Bend”

“Give Me Your Hand”
“We’ve Waited So Long”
“My Heart Burns Heavy For You”
“Your Natural Grace Will Never Be Wrong”

“I Close My Eyes To See Your Face”
“I Cannot Think Of A Better Place”
“To Dream On Forever More”
“Your Constant Beauty Will Forever Sore”

Written By: Jermaine Pleas
Copyright 2009

Gangster Love Poems

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This subject is probably one of the deepest I’ve come in front of in a while, but I really have had a good time writing about gangster love poems. They come off serious because they really are and mostly truth to life, especially in areas of different people. At the same time they can be fun and enjoyable to read when done with class. Come back again after you’ve read these I’ve provided here, I should have more gangsta love poems soon, thanks so much for visiting.

1. Either Make Money Or Make A Million Dollars For Her
2. Living For Maria

Either Make Money Or Make A Million Dollars For Her

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“I Have So Much To Prove To You”
“And So Little Time”
“To Show You What I Can Do”
“So You Can Be Mine”

“Please Tell Me What You Need”
“Because In God I Believe”
“To Plant This Brand New Seed”
“I Must Make Money Indeed”

“The Closer We Get”
“The Worser I Feel”
“Love Is Growing Wild”
“And So Hard To Conceal”

“Stilletos Are One Way”
“Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Is Another”
“To Give You All I Can”
“Because I’m Your Friend And Lover”

“My Brother Told Me Of This”
“And It Has Surely Happened”
“That You Will Turn Your Back On Me”
“What Was Love Is Now Dampened”

“Ten Years Has Passed”
“I’ve Stepped Up My Game”
“What Was Tore Down And Broke”
“Is Now The Victim Of Fame”

“Although I’m Now Rich”
“I Still Feel The Same”
“These Wounds Will Never Be Stitched”
“Cry As I Watch The Falling Rain”

“Thee Walked Into My Room”
“Was The Last Thing I Expected”
“These Chains That Was So Different”
“Are Fitted Well And Connected”

“Courage flows through these veins”
“Facing You Makes Me Feel Insane”
“Closing My Eyes Hoping This Never End”
“Only If Time Could Easily Bend”

“My Heart Will Always Be Yours”
“And So will Be This Ring”
“I’ll Shine This Fortune Upon You”
“Because You’re My Everlasting Queen”

Written by: Jermaine Pleas
Copyright 2009

Living For Maria

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“Its Hard Living Behind This Life Of Me”
“Put In Front Of Others To See”
“Enemies Merciless To Hear My Plea”
“Harsh Realities Crush Upon Thee”

“Tied A Noose Around My Ankles”
“With Anvil And Rocks To See Me Anchored”
“Part Away From This World Of Kind”
“My Wife And Child All Life Of Mine”

“Yes, You Took Me Away From Those I Treasure”
“Never Forsake The Corners Aren’t Measured”
“Through Spirit And Love I’m Here Forever”
“Remember As We Dance In Stormy Night Weather”

“Broke These Shackles That Held Me Tight”
“Swam To The Top, Put Up With A Fight”
“Heart Is Pounding Care Less About A Phone”
“Soaked And Wet Found My Way Home”

“Eyes Are Red And Body Temperature Sky High”
“Tore My Clothes Off Not Yet Dry”
“Inhaling This Moment From The Sight Of Her Tears”
“Exhaling From Relief Our Bond Overcame Fears”

“Hugs And Kisses I Will Never Cease”
“Caressed Her Face My Heart Is Now At Peace”
“Dreadful To Let Go Keeping You So So Near”
Maria, My Love, I’ll Always Be Here”

My Dearest May

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“This Was Our Place Where We Lay”
“Our Home And Permanent Stay”
“The Mornings That We Made Love”
“On The Day Of Sunny May”

“Buried Beneath Our Covers”
“Drained From Our Best Friends At Bay”
“High Hopes For Becoming Lovers”
“On That Beautiful Lovely May”

“In Front Of A Tree Was Our First Kiss”
“All These Memories Will Be Missed”
“As Long As Our Child Will Be Okay”
“Forever Lasting Month Of May

“Clutched Hands At Sea”
“Wrapped Arms Around My Hands And Knees”
“Your Heart Beating Against Mine As We Pray”
“Breezy Sunset Day Of May”

“Our Children Get Older By Night”
“Years Fly By I Don’t Know Why”
“We Sit And Watch Our Grandchild Play”
“Sweet Smells Of Lovely May”

Teenage Love Poems

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Look at yourself in the mirror and go back when things were very much simple, not to say that things aren’t right now just how it was when it seemed to be the way you wanted to be when you was a teenager. Teenager love poems are very direct because these are the times when teenagers are emotional. Even when you was a teenager you may have been writing to your love one. These were the simpler times, and awesomely fun. Anyhow, enjoy the teenage love poems.

1. I Can
2. The Movies
3. Blowing The Trumpet
4. Without You
5. Bad Timing

I Can

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“I Can Be The Pedestal”
“You Lay Your Feet Upon”
“I Can Say The Last Words”
“When Everything Is Said & Done”

“I Can Be The Shade”
“That Blocks The Sun Rays”
“I Can Be The Man”
“Who Doesn’t Run, But Pays”

“All I Ask From You”
“That You Love All Of Me”
“I Can Be Whatever You Want”
“My Love To You Infinity”

The Movies

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“If You Are Frighten”
“Hold On To Me”
“Don’t Be Afraid”
“My Warmth Is here You See”

“Kissed You On The Cheeks”
“To Let You Know That I’m Here”
“Caressed Your Hands”
“There Is Nothing To Fear”

“Fall Asleep On My Chest”
“Listen To My Heart”
“Dream Well My Beautiful”
“A True Work Of Art”

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